Thursday, July 9, 2009 Experience

I have shopped from on a few occasions and I had two problems that required communication with their customer service. I would definitely order from them again, but I am so stocked up on every baby item you can imagine!

Let's start with prices. On diapers don't search a lot, they have the best prices. I have bought from supermarkets and club stores and seen that their prices are the same or better. prices are almost the same but don't forget you get 2nd day shipping with UPS when you buy from (orders over $49). Do you have coupons? You can use them, too. Mail them the coupons and they will put it in your account. Then, go ahead and shop. has been expanding the baby product line aggressively. You can now buy everything on from bottles to cribs.

When it comes to wipes and formulas, the prices can be a little higher. You might want to check you local grocery shop for deals, loyalty card savings etc. They have price match guarantee if you want to take advantage.

I had a problem with the diapers I bought from It was a bad batch from the factory that they had no fault. I wrote to customer service and in a couple of hours I received a "your order has been shipped" message! Then came the "we're sorry" message. They are this fast! Needless to say the diapers were delivered to me the next day before noon.

I have nothing but good experiences with on a few occasions. They are very responsive to customer emails, fast, always stocked up and have huge semi-annual sale. I would suggest you pay a visit to -especially- if you have an infant and constantly run out of stuff (and time) that you can't do without... Like diapers!


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